Buy Limited Edition Prints & Affordable Art

By Sydney Based Airbrush Artist D C WIllans

Looking to buy affordable art in Sydney? The D C Willans Airbrush Artworks, Giclée prints are all limited edition. These airbrush artworks are printed on the finest art paper by Hahnemuehl, genuine artist papers made of 100 % cotton or pure alpha cellulose and are provided with a matt Premium-Inkjet coating. This special coating permits high quality printing. We also give our customers the option of printing on canvas. Please note this canvas option does not include stretching over a frame due to shipping complications and the size of the prints. All Prints are shipped rolled in a tube. We now also offer the prints mounted on Acrylic which provide a glass like finish which is ready to hang.

What is a Giclée?

A Giclée (zhee-clay) is a printing process using high-quality digital files, archival-grade pigments and acid free media resulting in a fade-free image.

How does a Fine Art Giclee differ from a traditional art print?

Giclée art printing achieves its quality from its seemingly “dot-less” imaging technology that varies from traditional fine art printing which typically relies on screen pattern dots to reproduce full-range color halftones. The Giclée process enables reproduction on virtually the same media as the original artwork whether it’s canvas, textured watercolor paper, or specialty fine art papers.